About Quantext

What is Quantext?

Simply put, Quantext is text analysis software for teachers. Quantext is designed to quickly extract insights from student text data, be it responses to short answer questions or student evaluation and feedback data.

To register your interest in Quantext or to find out more, please email info@quantext.co.nz.

Quantext development

Quantext is under active development and the latest source code, released under a GPL 3.0 license, is available at http://github.com/quantext/quantext.

Jenny McDonald

Jenny is an honorary lecturer at the Centre for Learning and Research (CLeaR), University of Auckland and an experienced educational technologist and academic developer. She worked as a lecturer in the Higher Education Development Centre at the University of Otago for more than 10 years and as a educational technologist prior to that. Jenny has led numerous grant-funded development projects, the most recent as co-PI with A/Prof. Cathy Gunn on the recently completed Ako Aotearoa NZ national funded project, Building an evidence-base for teaching and learning design using learning analytics data. For her PhD in computer science/higher education she designed and built a tutorial dialogue system and evaluated it with a large undergraduate class. Jenny’s research interests include natural language processing techniques for formative feedback and learning analytics.

Email jenny@quantext.co.nz.

Adon Moskal

Adon is a lecturer in Information Technology at Otago Polytechnic. From 2011-2016, Adon was a Professional Practice Fellow at the University of Otago where he developed software and researched educational technology. His research interests include student evaluation, academic development and learning analytics. Recently, Adon was a co-investigator and co-developer of the Student Relationship Engagement System v2 with researchers from the University of Auckland and the University of Sydney.

Email adon@quantext.co.nz.